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White water rafting

If you are an adventure seeker, and want to have great fun, White Water Rafting is absolutely one big adventurous experience that you can have in Sri Lanka along the picturesque Kelani river. Not only the experts, but the first timers too enjoy this activity with great enthusiasm. Kitulgala in the hill country, southwest of Kandy provides an ideal base from which many white water rafting tours take place.

Kayaking & Cannoning

With 103 rivers and a wealth of swamps, lagoons and interconnected old canals, Sri Lanka provides endless opportunities to try out Kayaking / canoeing, which are a different and relaxing mode of transportation. Sri Lanka’s famous KALU GANGA (aka Black River) flows from the heart of the island down to the west coast town of Kalutara where it finally meets the Indian Ocean. During a leisurely canoe trip down this beautiful river, canoeists can marvel at ever-changing landscapes and a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Furthermore, you can gain a privileged insight into rural Sri Lankan life by observing villagers going about their daily activities.
- Kalu Ganga, Belihuloya

Wind surfing & Water skiing

Bentota being the major sports base, Windsurfing can be carried out at many places along the coastline around the country. South-western & Eastern parts of the country provide the surfers an ideal beach with high waves and never make them disappoint about their choice. North of Trincomalee, the west coast of Sri Lanka and the sea off the Nilaveli Beach provide a fantastic opportunity to any surfer that comes along.
Water Skiing is another water sports activity that offers excitement and fun for all the ages and any skill level. Full training is also available for both beginners and those more experienced water-skiers who simply want to brush up on their style while on holiday in Sri Lanka.
-    Bentota, Trincomalee

Diving & Snorkeling

Sri Lanka offers world-class Scuba-Diving and Snorkelling tours. A multitude of tropical fish, magnificently colourful coral reefs and fascinating ship wrecks can be explored at several locations off the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Hikkaduwa, Weligama and Kirinda provide breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. In the west of Sri Lanka , head to ‘Bar Reef' (Sri Lanka's largest reef, easily accessible from the Puttalam district town of Kalpitiya , spanning an impressive 3 nautical miles in length and 1 nautical mile in breadth). But for the country's ‘pièce de resistance', Pigeon Island , off Nilaveli (just north of Trincomalee ) is a paradise of turquoise-coloured waters and abundant fish and coral life make it the ultimate underwater experience.

Due to the monsoon seasons, west coast diving and snorkelling is generally best from November to April whilst the east coast waters are at their calmest April – September.
-    Hikkaduwa, Weligama, Kirinda, Kalpitiya, Trincomalee


With a wide range of excellent Surfing locations on both the east and southwest coast, each suitable at different times of year according to the monsoon seasons, Sri Lanka is a year-round surfing destination. Sri Lanka has been recognised by the international surfing community for some time now, with the east coast's Arugambay boasting an annual International Surfing Competition. Arugam Bay on the east coast is the island’s top surfing location. For its spectacular scenery and challenging breaks it’s very much worth the long journey.
-    Arugam Bay, Dondra, Matara, Weligama, Koggala, Galle, Hikkaduwa



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