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3 tour packages to explore

For the majority of people the first contact with Singapore is Changi International Airport.As soon as you set foot in the airport,you begin to realize that all you have read about the cleanliness and high standards of Singapore are not just words.

The airport itself is a tourist attraction,so if you have a long layover in Singapore,you will for sure not get bored You can visit the botanical or butterfly gardens,relax at the airport’s spa or swimming pool.Singapore is multicultural and that is reflected in both its architecture and people.

It has a variety of attractions for every taste.If you like the nature,you can go to the Botanical garden or Singapore Zoo,if you want to shop,you have Orchard Road.For culture lovers,there are many museums to explore,for those adventurous there is Sentosa and for the ones in love with architecture,there are a lot of futuristic buildings that wait to marvel y.

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