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Visa Services

Legacy visa division helps you to get required visa for countries you prefer. 

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The visa application can be a tiring process, taking your productive time.

Our aim is to ease the burden of visa processing and guide you through every step to ensure compliance with visa requirements.

We have a well-equipped department with up-to-date information on all procedures and requirements to ensure the smooth processing of all requests and resulting processes.

To make the process of applying for visa to be hazle free, checkout the list of relevant documents necessary for the process for each country. 

If the country you are planning to visit is not on our list, please send us an email. We will get back to you with the requested information at the earliest.


Visas for most popular destinations

 Read about the visa requirements for countries listed below.

Tourist visa requirement :

  • Bank statements for the last 6 months (if you are traveling for the first time)

  • 02 passport size photographs (recent / no black and white)

  • Air ticket + copy of airline ticket

  • Valid passport (at least 06 months before expiration) + Copy of the passport page, the extension page, the previous visits page

  • Completed visa application form (you can get a visa form from us)

  • Copy of the letter of invitation / sponsor

  • Registration of the company for a business visit.

  • Letter from Sri Lanka Thailand Business Council if multiple entry visa.

Tourist visa requirement :

  • Passport valid (more than 6 months from date of arrival)

  • Completed visa application form

  • Minutes sheet

  • 01 recent passport size color photo

  • Letter + copy itinerary

  • Confirmed return ticket and hotel voucher (with photocopies)

  • Invitation letter from Malaysia / sponsor

  • Typed letter from the employer / applicant on the letterhead of the company (original + copy)

  • Previous passport with previous visas in Malaysia

Tourist visa requirement :

  • Completed visa application form;

  • A recent passport size photo

  • Valid passport (minimum 6 months) with at least 02 blank pages

  • Letter of the travel itinerary.

  • 03 months – Bank statements

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate (BRC)

  • Cover letter from local business (company address, phone number and detailed purpose of the visit must be correctly and clearly indicated).

  • An invitation/fax letter from your contact in China. To apply for a multiple entry visa, a letter of invitation from a Chinese ministry or a competent company is required. Immigration approval / original red seal should be there (prints of scanned documents are allowed)